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Battash & Co. law firm deals in the fields of commercial and civil law, with special focus on litigation, in all courts of law, in Israel and abroad, resolving conflicts in a wide variety of fields, as well as managing arbitration and mediation procedures. The firm specializes also in the fields of commercial and corporate law, insolvency, labor, real estate law.

Since its establishment, the firm has earned itself an excellent reputation and has adopted the Motto Creativity and Different Thinking, professionalism, efficiency, exploring manifold options and implications, thoroughness and service. These values, which constitute the basic elements of the firm’s principles, on the one hand lead the firm’s clients to both legal and commercial success, and on the other hand ensure the clients’ loyalty to the Firm. 

The philosophy of the firm is that in a competitive legal and commercial environment, its relative advantage will be reflected in creative and original thinking, alongside professionalism and familiarity with the entire existing legal framework, personal treatment and support to its clients, competence and fast and efficient work, alongside uncompromising thoroughness.

Battash & Co. law firm attorneys have a wealth of experience in their fields of practice, which helps them to grant the firm’s clients the best legal service possible, and to come up with the optimal legal answers for them, while finding sophisticated and creative solutions, in order to deal with the legal and commercial challenges they face, and to achieve the best result for them.

In the various rating guides, the firm is rated as a leader in its field.

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Areas of expertise

Battash & Co. law firm is one of the leading Boutique Law firms in Israel in the various areas of commercial litigation. The firm handles commercial disputes of all types, in all levels of courts and in all kinds of judicial tribunals, including the High Court of Justice, the Supreme Court, the Economic Court, arbitrations and mediations in Israel and abroad, as well as disputes that take place behind the scenes with the aim of not reaching the legal stage.

The firm has extensive experience in legal representation in complex financial claims, business and commercial disputes, control struggles in companies, contractual claims, disputes between shareholders and partners, representative and derivative claims, legal representation of foreign clients against Israeli companies, real estate disputes, labor disputes, etc.

The field of litigation is led by the firm’s founder, Adv. Jacob Battash, who has over 18 years of extensive experience in managing commercial litigation cases, and is personally involved in determining the strategy to be adopted for each case managed by the firm.

The firm provides its clients with personal and comprehensive support, which includes a response to all the issues that arise as part of the legal proceedings, including issues outside the jurisdiction of the court. The uniqueness of our firm in the field of litigation is in a correct and in-depth analysis of the case, with a far-reaching vision in relation to the client’s needs, preventive planning, taking the initiative, attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of the law and case law, the eloquent writing, the ability to appear and convince on the court stand, thoroughness, and the understanding that those involved in litigation must be at the cutting edge of the legal profession.

Battash & Co. law firm does not just “manage” litigation cases, it “lives and breathes” the litigation, and is known for aggressive representation but wisely focusing on the real disputes between the parties. Due to being a Boutique firm specializing in litigation, whose customers often change, the firm does not find itself caught up in conflicts of interest that prevent it from providing the best representation to its clients. Not without reason, the firm has excellent success rates in the cases it handled, despite their complexity.

Among the firm’s clients are many of the top business leaders in Israel, including leading companies, prominent businessmen, lawyers and accountants in need of legal advice and representation, international clients in need of representation in Israel, as well as Israeli clients in need of representation abroad.

Battash & Co. law firm is regularly ranked as a leading firm in its fields of practice, and among other things, the firm has been ranked, for many years, in the BDI quality rating.

Battash & Co. law firm has extensive experience in handling control struggles and disputes between partners, including disputes concerning transactions between interested parties, deadlock situations between interested parties (to the point of not being able to make decisions within the corporation), conflicts of interest, breach of the duties of trust and care, enforcement of Shareholders rights, allegations of deprivation, maintaining proper corporate governance, and any other types of conflict between shareholders (in a company) or partners (in a partnership) in connection with their rights and/or obligations, both in relation to the corporation and between themselves.

In conflicts of this type, it is of the utmost importance to find a quick, efficient and unequivocal solution, in order to avoid causing long-term damage to the business itself or to its ongoing operations, and, in addition to determining a clear and optimal strategy, this requires also economic understanding and the ability to find creative solutions.

Battash & Co. law firm has extensive experience and a track record in managing Class Actions and Derivative Claims, and an excellent record of success in representing companies that were sued in Class Actions. Representation in Class Actions and Derivative Claims, which, by their nature, are complex claims involving substantial amounts, requires a combination of comprehensive control of the applicable law, and an in-depth understanding and control of the special rules and regulations applicable to such exceptional procedures.

Over the years, the firm has acquired extensive experience in managing representative proceedings in the retail and consumer fields, and has been representing, for many years and with great success, companies and retail chains with cumulative value figures of hundreds of millions of NIS. In addition, the firm also represents plaintiffs and/or defendants in Class Actions, in the fields of communications, consumerism, insurance, labor, accessibility, taxes, banking and more.

The Battash & Co. law firm has extensive experience in managing Group Actions. Unlike Class Action lawsuits, where there is usually one plaintiff who represents an entire group of plaintiffs, each of whom allegedly suffered a relatively small amount of damage, a Group lawsuit is filed against one or more defendants by a group of plaintiffs, each of whom suffered an amount of damage which is not necessarily small, but who nevertheless preferred to manage the procedure jointly, an association which gives them advantages over the management of several separate claims, such as savings in total costs, concentration of effort, achieving uniformity in compensation, etc.

As an illustrative example, currently the firm represents a group of plaintiffs, who purchased apartments in a project which, eventually, and as a result of the developer’s negligence, did not materialize.

In addition, the firm represents a group of apartment owners in a lawsuit, which claims the decrease in the properties’ value, caused by the contractor to their apartments as a result of shortcomings of the parking facilities.

Battash & Co. law firm has expertise in management of international disputes, including the representation of Israeli companies or individuals in disputes conducted abroad, the representation of foreign corporations in proceedings conducted in Israel and / or abroad, and even the representation of foreign customers in proceedings conducted abroad. The firm is competent in the management of international disputes, regardless of the applicable law and the language in which the procedure is conducted, and provides its clients with strategic advice that helps them even in the most complex disputes.

International disputes, which involve litigants and parties from foreign countries, are extremely complex procedures that require familiarity with the foreign law and with the legal and civil culture in the country where the procedure is being conducted, as well as close working relationships with prominent lawyers in the host country of the conflict. The extensive experience gained by the firm in this field allows the firm’s clients to conduct themselves (relatively) easily even in the international arena

The firm has extensive experience in representing Israeli and international custoners also in proceedings, such as arbitration proceedings, before the International Chamber of Commerce –ICC, LCIA, etc, conducted in foreign courts.

Battash & Co. law firm has extensive experience in managing proceedings filed by or against banking institutions. The firm has extensive experience in dealing with financial claims filed by banking institutions, as well as in dealing with claims filed against banks for violating obligations imposed on them, including fiduciary duties and professional duties. The firm has also extensive experience in managing proceedings against banks in connection with the bank’s refusal to provide services due to suspicion of money laundering, and including lawsuits against banks that, in doing so, refuse to open bank accounts, and/or against banks that closed active bank accounts due to suspicion of money laundering.

Battash & Co. law firm has extensive experience in handling inheritance disputes, including defense against opposition to Wills, contestation of Wills and / or objections to wills for other various reasons (allegation of unfair influence, lack of personal competence, mistakes in the will, etc.), cancellation of wills, disqualification of wills, cancellation of grants, etc.

Due to the death of the testator, proceedings of this type are usually characterized by an absence of first-hand structured information, and there is a need for an in-depth analysis of the factual and legal situation, getting down to the nitty-gritty, planning a winning strategy and sometimes putting forward creative, unique and even precedent claims.

Battash & Co. law firm provides its clients with ongoing legal support and advice in their areas of activity, starting from the initial consultation stage and through the negotiation and drafting of various commercial agreements, at the local and international level, including sales and purchase agreements, distribution and marketing agreements, licensing agreements, partnership agreements, agreements between shareholders, merger and acquisition agreements, agreements for the sale and/or purchase of shares and/or purchase of the entire activity, etc. in all the various fields of business.

In addition, the firm provides ongoing consulting to companies, partnerships, associations, cooperative societies and private businesses (at the local and international level) in all commercial aspects related to their activities, including determining the form of incorporation, reports to the authorities, regulations and licensing, tenders, labor laws, company secretarial duties, dealing with consumer law, advertising, Direct Mailing regulations, registration of standard databases, management of supervised lotteries, etc.

The field of insolvency is an area that requires special expertise, since insolvencies are governed by specific laws, which prevail over the general laws. In this regard, Battash & Co. law firm handles, on the one hand, the submission, and on the other hand the contestation of requests to open proceedings, as well as submitting requests or dealing with requests for receivership, submitting requests or dealing with requests to freeze proceedings, as well as the liquidation of companies, the formation of debt arrangements and creditor arrangements, in the revival and rehabilitation of companies or private entities, and in insolvency proceedings of individuals.

 Our firm provides businesses or individuals, who have been caught up in a crisis, the most efficient and effective advice, including preparing for expected litigation and/or reaching settlements that may prevent litigation.

Adv. David (Dudi) Sternfeld, who is in charge of the firm’s Insolvency department, has extensive experience in management of companies within the framework of requests to freeze liquidation procedures, until their recovery.

Battash & Co. law firm has knowledge and many years of experience in the various fields of labor law, and, in addition, brings its original way of thinking and a comprehensive view of the customer’s needs. The firm provides ongoing support and advice in all matters related to labor law in Israel, to large and to medium-sized companies, from ongoing day-to-day advice until representation in courts of law in the wide variety of labor disputes.

in this matter, the firm represents employers as well as employees in hearings, general labor claims (severance pay claims, payment of wages, advance notices for layoffs, annual leave, etc.), in claims for violation of employment contracts, violation of the duty of non-competition, of commercial secrets, in claims involving prohibited discrimination in the workplace (for reasons of pregnancy, religion, gender, race, etc.), in claims for recognition of employee-employer relationships, in claims under the Women’s Labor Law and in representative labor claims, etc.

In addition, the firm provides legal assistance and advice in the field of labor law in its various aspects for both employers and employees, including drafting employment agreements, tax issues, building procedures, contacting the authorities and guidance before taking legal action, submitting applications for layoff permits, consultations before investigations at the Ministry of Economy and / or the Ministry of Defense, and more.

Battash & Co. law firm provides its clients with consulting, as well as with the full service of managing negotiations and drawing up agreements regarding sales and purchase transactions of land, private properties and commercial properties first-hand (from the contractor) or second-hand, including combination transactions, purchase of properties as part of Purchase Groups, purchase of properties as part of evacuation / reconstruction projects, in particular as part of the implementation of the  master plan for urban rehabilitation – “TAMA”, rental transactions of private and commercial properties, providing professional opinions regarding transactions that have already been carried out, representation before the tax authorities in acquisition procedures, as well as representation in legal courts in the context of appeals.

Also, the firm represents contracting companies and property buyers in a variety of proceedings related to the Real Estate sector, including claims on defects in construction (including parking issues), claims for contractual violations related to the Real Estate sector, claims due to decreases in value, partner disputes in Real Estate projects, disputes tenant vs. lessor and vice versa (private and commercial), proceedings against authorities and more.

Battash & Co. law firm represents both complainants and defendants In the field of disciplinary law against lawyers, including accompaniment and representation of the complainants, and mainly accompanying and representing lawyers (as the defendants) in proceedings taken against them, starting from the stage of answering the complaint, through representation in the District or National Disciplinary Court, until eventual representation in the District Court and the Supreme Court.

Our office has accumulated great experience in the disciplinary field, since for more than a decade Adv.  Battash has been the complainant on behalf of the Ethics Committee of the Tel Aviv District.

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