Advocate Jacob Battash

Advocate Jacob Battash

Advocate Jacob Battash is the head of the firm and its founder, and leads the firm’s litigation field. Adv. Battash has been a member of the Bar Association since 2004 and is one of the most experienced and respected litigators in Israel, and receives recommendations from the legal community.

Adv. Battash has extensive experience and expertise in the field of Commercial & Economic Litigation Agreements (“ELA”), including expertise in managing complex legal proceedings such as Class Actions, shareholder and partner disputes, discrimination & deprivation claims, claims against directors and shareholders, complex commercial claims, etc.

Adv. Battash promotes the belief and insight that the field of litigation is an independent field that stands on its own, which pertains to all areas of law, and requires many, varied and complex skills, thus being one of the “cutting edge” domains of the legal profession. The field of litigation requires a broad strategic vision, excellent legal analysis, argumentation and persuasion skills, sharpness of mind, ability to maneuver and improvise, along with thorough, almost Sisyphean in its thoroughness, early and in-depth preparation, which is expressed in going down to the nitty-gritty of details, along with the ability to respond quickly to changing situations and circumstances.

In addition, Adv. Battash has extensive experience in the field of commercial and corporate law, and acts as advisor to his clients in many and varied business areas, conducting transactions, drafting agreements, and more.

Due to his education and experience, Adv. Battash applies a systemic view of the issues in which he is involved, in a way that allows him to give his customers advice that extends beyond the legal issue at hand.

Adv. Battash serves as an arbitrator on behalf of the Bar Association’s Arbitration Institute, and for over a decade served as a disciplinary arbitrator on behalf of the Bar Association’s Tel Aviv District Committee.

Adv. Battash has a Bachelor’s degree in law from the Reichman University (LL.B) and a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in finance, from Reichman University (B.A.).

Adv. Battash serves as commander of a military unit in the reserves, at the rank of lieutenant colonel.

 Adv. Battash speaks Hebrew and English.

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